The Right Dog Breed For a Single Mom

As single moms, we realize that our job is tough. And from time to time, we need help. We need someone to lean on and someone to trust. Well, as that’s quite difficult to find in the human world, it’s a comforting thought that it doesn’t mean we can’t find it at all. We just have to look elsewhere.

A dog can do so much for single moms. Some of us might see it as an added responsibility – another mouth to feed or someone else to clean up after. But dogs can offer so much more than just extra work. They are comforting, they make us feel safe, and more importantly, having a dog means a well-rounded childhood for our kids.

But, choosing a dog as a single mom is difficult. It can’t be too big, as you have to handle it on your own. However, it also can’t be too small, and it has to be child-friendly or else it will defeat the purpose. It’s safe to assume a medium size dog is a perfect fit for any space. However, there are so many different breeds to choose from. Here are the best dog breeds for single moms.

The Always Active Terriers

Terriers are very alert and active. Therefore, they will have no problem keeping up with your kid in the yard. Furthermore, terriers are highly intelligent, so we won’t have any trouble teaching them not only a few tricks but how to behave correctly. It’s a relatively easy task to teach a terrier to socialize with other dogs and kids. However, keep in mind that they do like to bark quite a bit.

Schnauzer – A Versatile Breed

Schnauzer is a great breed of family dogs. They come in many sizes, so even those moms looking for a bigger pet will find a great friend in a schnauzer. This breed is very friendly. However, they are also very protective. That is a feat many of us find especially convenient because it means we can leave our kids in the yard with the dog, without having to worry constantly. Also, their protective streak might bring us a piece of mind at night.

Playful Bichons And Maltesers

When it comes to small dogs, we can’t go wrong with a charming Maltese or their curly cousin bichon. These particular breeds are the perfect choice for small spaces. Although they enjoy running around with kids, they are also content to spend time indoors. So, those of us lacking a backyard can rest easy – a fluffy Maltese won’t mind.

Loyal And Loving Beagles

Beagles are a lovely breed of loyal dogs. They enjoy the company of both adults and kids, and they are rarely aggressive. Their good nature is a massive plus for single moms with small kids. However, beagles can also be quite independent, which is also an excellent feature for busy moms who might not have all the time in the world to entertain both their kids and the dog.

Labrador Retrievers And Golden Retrievers

These dog breeds might be big, but they also have big hearts. They are exceptionally easy to please and train. Labs and retrievers don’t need much attention, and their gentle nature makes them an excellent choice for kids.

Even though they are quite big, Labradors and golden retrievers don’t need much space and will adapt to any house or apartment size. However, that does mean they require daily walks and exercise. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can be a great way to spend time with your kids, occupy them or make them go out more.

Boxers – Though Looking, Gentle Giants

Boxers might look intimidating, but they are very affectionate toward their owners. What’s more, boxers are notoriously great with kids, and their protective streak most commonly shows while interacting with the youngest family members.

Furthermore, boxers are a good choice of a pet for a busy mom, as their fur doesn’t require much maintenance, and they generally don’t make a lot of mess. They might just drool on you here and there.

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