Top Five Reasons to Get A Dog

Unless we are extremely allergic to dogs, there’s a good chance most of us have thought of getting one at some point. After all, we’ve seen dog owners walking their pooches in the parks, and frankly – practically all of them look not just happy but relaxed as well.

So why should anyone consider getting a dog? From health benefits to overall entertainment, dogs truly are the best pets one may ask for – and the following reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

1 – They keep us in good shape

One of the most popular reasons why anyone would get a dog is that they need a workout partner. Although gyms are fun and fantastic for losing weight, having a furry friend nearby that will push us to our limits makes the whole experience that much better.

When we have a dog, we have someone who’s always ready for an evening jogging session or a walk. Also, dogs love playing with their owners, so regular games such as tug-of-war and good old hide and seek will undoubtedly help us stay in great shape and prolong our lifespan.

2 – They keep loneliness at bay

Whether we are single or still not sure if we want to give our heart to another human being, a dog can easily help us feel less lonely overall. When there’s a dog in the house, fun is but a minute away. Furthermore, dogs can detect when we need some company, so we will often find them following us around.

However, dogs are also prone to loneliness, so having one is a win-win situation for both species. They prefer playing with their owner and snuggling up to them on the couch. Thus, we’ll never feel as if we’re alone in the world because there’s someone who depends entirely on us and our love.

3 – They can help us prepare for parenthood

We’ve all heard dog owners talk about their furry babies with love in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Some might have thought that these owners are sort of weird. However, in reality, dogs are just like children, although they don’t often get past the toddler level.

In any case, having a dog means we can prepare ourselves for real children one day. Think about it – that tiny pooch needs us so that it can eat, drink, have fun, run around and socialize. Without us, it would lead a very sad life, completely unaware of the happiness it deserves.

The only real difference, apart from dogs and children being different species, is that they cannot talk back when they don’t agree with us. Additionally, they will never leave home, throw wild parties and get bad grades – sounds perfect, right?

4 – They Can Protect Us

A big dog, such as a Rottweiler, can quickly drive away any intruder with its barking. However, even those smaller dog breeds can help us keep our home safe. Some of them are prone to excessive barking anyway. Thus, anyone who approaches our door will essentially think there’s a wild animal in the building.

But that’s not the only reason why we should get a dog. Some, if not all dog breeds are particularly sensitive to weather changes and they can successfully warn us of any natural disasters. Furthermore, even though it sounds crazy, some dogs will even wake us up if something truly inconvenient happens. For example, they can alert us if our washing machine breaks or if a pipe bursts.

5 – They make us laugh and cherish every day we spend with them

Finally, we all know that laughter can prolong our life. In fact, it can make every day feel not just perfect but worth living too. As such, everyone should remember that dogs are naturally funny creatures. They love playing in the mud, giving us wet kisses and battling their old nemesis, the vacuum cleaner.

That just goes to show how easy it is for them to make the most of every day. Coincidentally, these are all memories we can cherish and laugh at later on in our lives, again and again, knowing that our furry friend is someone that truly enriches our life, one bark or a howl at a time.

Final thoughts

Whether they are running around, chasing their tail, trying to eat food off our plate or snoozing away with all fours in the air, it’s just impossible not to look at a dog and think – how did I get so lucky? Therefore, if you are also thinking about getting one, prepare yourself for a whole new world of laughter, cuddles, walkies, and treats. You won’t regret it one bit!

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